Opening September 17, 2010 – 6pm

Collegium Hungaricum – Berlin

“The selections made for  Berlin exhibitions by myself and co-curator, Julian Navarro, reflect a conscious choice by artists, even when using the traditional formats of painting and photography to engage with the theme, to set up in the viewer’s mind the speculation of what happens beyond the frame shown in the work.

In a similar vein the work of Davide Longfils – Next World, 2007, Paula Sunday, Fabbrica (from”That’s all, folks!” project), 2010, Martine Parise – Intersezioni 3, 2010, Aldo Berardi – Il paradiso puòattendere – Heaven Can Wait, 2010; Giovanni Oscar Urso, Campana, 2010, Lucia Lamberti , NBC, 2010 ; Angelo Zani, Dawn at Cape Comorin, 2008; Graziano Russo,  114 barchette di corano sul marionio,  Mimmo Spadoni, Unit oftime_4, 2008, all gave a sense of humanity on the verge of reaching out to new realities, sensations, knowledge and horizons that we peer forward and inward to share.”

Manon Slome



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